How our cloth diaper service works:

  • 1.Just toss the soiled diapers in our odour and water proof bag and place on your doorstep once a week for us to pick up. There is no need to dump or rinse the diapers whatsoever!
  • 2.When we pick up, we will leave you a new set of hospital level sanitized diapers in a clean diaper bag
  • 3.Remove the diapers and place the diaper bag in your pail ready to collect used diapers for the week

Save $1000!

You will save a minimum of $1000 using Wonderwear vs disposable diapers


Why Wonderwear

Two important reasons to
say NO to disposable diapers...

  • Your Baby’s Health
  • The Environment

The Wonderwear Difference


Wonderwear diapers are form fitted with elasticized legs and back, have multiple snap closures and are sized by age... just like disposables!  We have 10 sizes including thicker nighttime diapers to ensure a comfortable fit from newborn to toddler.

Wonderwear Testimonials

I can’t say enough about Wonderwear. I was a bit hesitant to try cloth diapers but so glad we did as the quality of the product, level of service, and convenience of this service is a 10/10. While we started with just the diapers, we ended up using the wipes as well which I highly recommend. Wonderwear offers excellent customer service and reliability and I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Heather D.


While on vacation, we were using disposables and were definitely not nearly as happy as with using your diapers. I don’t know if it was just the brand we bought, but we were dealing with leaks up the back all the time. Made us really appreciate our decision to go with Wonderwear. Great diapers, great service!

Fred S.

Toronto, Ontario

We are so completely happy with the service and the diapers! And the quality of customer service is amazing. I’ve told many friends about you guys, I even have a neighbour who is considering switching from BearBottoms to you guys. I hope she does because she is not satisfied with their customer service.

Annissa W.

Ancaster, Ontario

So many great products available and it is also great to see the wide range of areas you guys will deliver to. Zara and I are honoured to be a client and we love the service you provide. Keep up the great work…you guys definitely exceed our expectations and are making a wonderful positive difference.

Christine and baby Zara

Toronto, Ontario

I’m sure you hear this all the time but you guys are really amazing! Your level of customer service is exceptional! It’s refreshing to see a business that actually cares about their customers.

Kimberley R.

Richmond Hill, Ontario

Natalie had several major “digestive events” this week, and were AMAZED with how the cloth diapers handled them! Every day, we’re glad we made the choice to use your products!

Allyson B.

Mississauga, Ontario

Your service has been excellent, and the cloth diapers are great, we have had zero issues with diaper rash in a year. We would recommend you to anyone looking for a diapering service, for sure.

Ian S.


I really appreciate the great service you have given us. We really appreciate all of your help and advice… you’ve been doing a great job! I have recommended Wonderwear to many people in the past and I will continue to recommend you guys in the future.

Kirsten R.

Whitby, Ontario

I have been using Wonderwear for close to 2 years and am forever grateful for their prompt and efficient service – so important to me as I have twins. I have not only saved money but also my valuable time. The diapers have always been spotless and all my queries have always been personally answered promptly.

Suzanne W.

Barrie, Ontario

I used Bear Bottoms Diaper Service for 5 months before switching to Wonderwear. Your diapers are much higher quality and a better fit than Bear Bottoms and your customer service is also better. Thanks for a great experience!

Amy S.


Going cloth diapering was important for us.  We’re just so happy we heard about your company from our friends.  Not only do we feel great about being better to the planet, we don’t even have to do all the dirty work!  Thanks for being quick to respond and making our lives so much easier.

Matthew F.

Toronto, Canada

Thank you for making it so easy to be green!  Your product and service were amazing and I tell every new mom I meet about it!  If I have another child you will definitely hear from me.  Keep up the great work!

Rachel and baby Olivia

Toronto, Ontario

You guys are really great at getting back to me! :) I really appreciate how flexible you are with our crazy schedule… love, love, love the service!!

Amie C.

Scarborough, Ontario

My friends in Burlington registered with this service so I got them a gift card on line. Website is extremely easy to navigate. Got a heads up email from Jamie letting me know the order was processed and another with my personalized gift certificate.

What a great business with great people! Go local!

Marcus F.

Burlington, Ontario

I can’t thank you enough for everything – the service, the quality, the pricing, you guys have been absolutely wonderful.  Happy to write a testimonial wherever, whenever.  Will miss you!

Rusveer J.



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