3 major complaints families have about cloth diapering…

March 22nd, 2016 by Jamie Benson

changing-babys-diaperSo you are leaning towards cloth diapering your baby. Excellent choice! Your baby will benefit from reduced incidence of diaper rash and will not be inhaling chemicals that disposable diapers emit. Disposable diapers are also very expensive so there are cost savings by choosing cloth as well. Plus as many as 8,000 fewer disposable diapers will end up in a landfill and you will help reduce the devastating climate impact of deforestation.

Ok great… cloth diapering it is. But wait! There is more to consider. Here are the 3 main complaints families have about cloth diapering and why many choose to use a cloth diaper delivery service vs doing it yourself:

1. Wow… that’s a lot of diapers and A LOT of work! The average new baby on our service soils 80-90 diapers per week. Washing upwards of 15 diapers per day is a tremendous amount of work, particularly when you consider everything else that comes with having a newborn. Wonderwear takes all the work out of cloth diapering. You can consider our diapers to be disposables… simply toss the soiled diaper in the odor proof and waterproof wet bag we provide each week and we come and take them away.


2. I can’t get my cloth diapers clean! Home based washers do not get anywhere near hot enough to remove all bacteria in a cloth diaper. If you check out cloth diaper forums they are filled with complaints about still having a smell after washing three times or having to use bleach/stripping the diaper to get the stains out. Wonderwear’s state of the art laundry system has a 7 stage washing process using only natural cleaning agents. Our commercial washers operate at much higher temperatures than home washers and essentially sterilize the diapers while eliminating all bacteria. Our laundry system guarantees hospital level sanitization without chlorine or bleach. You can expect like new diapers for every change with Wonderwear.


3. This is a big upfront $ commitment! It is estimated that the average family embarking on cloth diapering themselves will spend roughly $600 in cloth diapers and accessories to get set up. That’s a serious upfront cost when you may or may not be in it for the long run. What’s great about Wonderwear Cloth Diaper Delivery Service is there is no upfront cost and no long term commitment. There are starter packages we make available if you are new to cloth diapering and need a diaper pail and/or cloth diaper covers, but otherwise just the weekly service fee. Please click here for package and pricing information. With respect to the term, we simply require two weeks notice of cancellation if you wish to leave the service. Having said that, at least 95% of our new clients stay with the service for over a year (most stay with us right until their baby is toilet trained) once they see how easy the service is and how terrific our diapers perform. 


So there you have it! A cloth diaper service eliminates the three major issues families have with cloth diapering. With Wonderwear Modern Cloth Diaper Service you can enjoy the benefits of cloth diapers and the benefits of disposables… without the drawbacks of either choice. What’s not to like! :)

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