A cloth diaper service is cheaper than disposables!

November 4th, 2014 by Jamie Benson


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This topic is sooo important! There is a general assumption that getting unlimited cloth diapers delivered to your door once a week must be very expensive. My wife and I had the same belief when we were deciding what to diaper our boys. But the fact is, using a cloth diaper service will definitely save you money vs using disposables.

It is estimated that a baby will go through an average of 8000 diapers from birth to toilet training. That’s a LOT of diapers!

Disposable diapers are expensive…

  • Small (Newborn – 2 mths): Average baby uses 90 diapers per week = 720 diapers @ 90/bag = 8 bags = $200
  • Medium (2 mths to 6 mths): Average baby uses 80 diapers per week = 1,440 diapers @ 70/bag = 21 bags = $525
  • Large (6 mths to 24 mths): Average baby uses 60 diapers per week = 4,680 diapers @ 50/bag = 94 bags = $2,350
  • Toddler (24 mths to 30 mths): Average baby uses 50 diapers per week = 1300 diapers @ 40/bag = 33 bags = $825
  • Total cost over 30 mths for disposable diapers = $3,900
             *Disposable pricing based on mega size bags @ $25/bag


Our cloth diaper service will save you money…

  • Wonderwear Modern Diaper Service weekly cost for unlimited diapers is $19.95 or $79.80 over 4 wks.
  • Your first year cost is $1,037.
  • Total cost over 30 mths = $2,595

You will save more than $1,300 using our service vs. disposables!


There is also the benefit of early toilet training that cloth diapering provides which amounts to big savings. The typical baby using cloth diapers is toilet trained by 2.5 yrs of age. The average age when toddlers are toilet trained using disposable diapers is 3.5 yrs of age. This is because, in cloth, babies can feel when they are wet whereas the chemicals in disposables are extremely drying.

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