BabyDue is now Wonderwear!

October 14th, 2014 by Jamie Benson

About three months ago, two families purchased BabyDue Cloth Diaper Service… and More from a lovely couple who had ran the business for the past 6 years.  Thanks to John and Susan for bringing a fitted cloth diaper service solution to moms in the GTA for all those years!

David, Karen, Andrea and I… as well as our terrific team, are excited to take this business to another level.  :)


We have rebranded to Wonderwear Modern Diaper Service, have added new diaper sizes and inventory, have massively expanded our online store and are launching a terrific loyalty program called Wonderbucks!  We hope you like our new company name and business vision.

You might see us around town in our newly wrapped truck… so exciting!


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