MYTH: They are expensive.

October 12th, 2014 by Jamie Benson

TRUTH: You will save a minimum of $1000 using our service vs buying disposable diapers over the 30 months that your baby is in diapers. There is also a significant cost savings in the back end as babies using cloth diapers are typically toilet trained a full year earlier than toddlers using disposables. Click here for a Wonderwear Cloth Diaper Service vs Disposable Diapers cost comparison.

If you are comparing Wonderwear diaper service vs doing cloth yourself, it is true that you can save some money if you launder yourself, however, the average family going this route spends between $600-$800 on cloth diaper inventory. That’s a serious upfront cost when you may or may not be in it for the long run. What’s great about Wonderwear Cloth Diaper Delivery Service is there is no upfront cost and no long term commitment. There are starter packages we make available if you are new to cloth diapering and need a diaper pail and/or cloth diaper covers, but otherwise just the weekly service fee. Please click here for package and pricing information.

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