Wonderwear takes the work out of cloth diapering… it’s like using disposables. Seriously!

August 24th, 2015 by Jamie Benson

no thanks to cloth diapers!

There is a stigma about cloth diapering that is widespread. I see it when meeting couples at trade shows…

Me: Have you considered a cloth diaper service?

Couple: Ohhh, no way.  Thanks but no thanks.

Me: But you will save over $1000 vs buying disposables and our service makes it as easy as disposables as well.

Couple: Sorry. I’ll pass.


I understand the apprehension to more work. I wouldn’t sign up for washing 70-80 dirty diapers in my home washer each week. No thanks! There is already a lot to do with an infant. That’s why a service is so great!

Changing a baby when using our service is the same as using disposables. You have a poopy diaper, just toss it in the odor proof and waterproof wet bag. No need to dump or rinse anything.

With the draw string closed and the lid with charcoal filter closed on your diaper pail, there is no issue with smell. It works better than diaper genie!

Once a week, you leave the dirty diaper bag outside your front door and we pick it up and replace with an unlimited supply of hospital level sanitized diapers.

Also, our commercial washers and 7 stage laundering process deliver hospital level sanitized diapers. Home based washers don’t get nearly as hot and bacteria can remain after washing. Our diapers look as new after every wash. We also inspect every diaper when bundling and donate any diapers that are stained or otherwise faulty.

There really are a lot of benefits to using a cloth diaper service… Save money vs disposables + better for baby + no more work than disposables + better for the environment… that’s a long list of good things!

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