What makes Wonderwear microfleece and cotton cloth diapers better than cotton only?

November 4th, 2014 by Jamie Benson

Wonderwear cloth diapers combine a microfleece inner layer with a cotton interior pad to draw wetness and bacteria away from baby’s sensitive skin. Microfleece is a common diapering fiber used as a stay dry layer. These fabrics are not designed to absorb liquids, so when used inside a diaper as the layer closest to a baby’s skin the urine passes through them and into the absorbent layers of the diaper.  This helps to keep moisture away from a baby’s skin longer, helping the skin to stay dry. This stay dry design reduces diaper rash and helps your baby sleep through the night.

Due to the microterry outer layer, Wonderwear cloth diapers are also significantly more absorbent than cotton only cloth diapers. This keeps your baby dryer and more comfortable than any other cloth diaper.

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